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County Kerry based college bus company College Link are to provide their customers with FREE internet wifi access on their buses from September 09.

CollegeLink now become yet another private operator here in Ireland to provide free internet access to their passengers in the form of Wifi AND Bluetooth internet access.

In a move to secure the college travel market, offering free wifi access onboard buses gives CollegeLink a competitive edge over its competitors who may not have caught up with the Wifi access internet phenomenon which seems to be hitting passenger vehicles here in Ireland.

BlueZone Media are proud to be providing the Wifi access along with our First In the World BlueZone Onboard service to fully compliment the internet access.

Students travelling with a laptop onboard CollegeLink buses can now avail of complimentary internet access to help catch up on assignments, keep in touch with friends or just surf the web to pass the time.

Those not travelling with a laptop or Wifi Phone can still get online! Utilising the bluetooth connection on their phone the passenger simply installs the application (sent automatically) and establish a bluetooth connection (all done automatically).

Laptop and Wifi Enabled Phones

To Log onto the internet on your laptop or wifi phone simply:

Search for "CollegeLink" SSID in your Wireless Network Settings whilst onboard the CollegeLink bus

Click "Connect" and start your internet browser.

Enter the username collegelink and password collegelink when prompted and then begin browsing.

Bluetooth enabled phones

Select CollegeLink buses are fitted with BlueZone Onboard, our brand new first-in-the-world for buses service. To get your bluetooth phone online simple:

Switch on your bluetooth and make sure your phone is set to "Visible" or "Shown to all"

BlueZone Onboard will automatically detect your phone and attempt to send the special bluetooth internet browser to your phone. On accepting the opt-in message your phone will download the browser (no cost). Install the application and run it. You will be online as soon as the bluetooth browser establishes a connection.

Repeat passengers only need download the bluetooth browser one time and our system will remember your phone the next time you hop on, and will not send it to you again.

To book your seat onboard a CollegeLink bus, visit CollegeLink. To find out how BlueZone Media can get your bus online contact us today.