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LATEST: 9th February 2010 Use of Bluetooth Marketing in Viral Marketing - BlueZone Weddings - BlueZone Media win Innovation Award - TGI FRiDAY'S Launch BlueZone Inside 23rd September 09

CollegeLink Buses introduce Wifi and BlueZone Onboard RTÉ Radio Interview

Internet on buses; BlueZone Inside



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Welcome to BlueZone Media Limited. Your resource for all things Proximity Marketing.

Here you will find information about all our Bluetooth Proximity Marketing products, how they work, and how you can use them in your business.


BlueZone Media uses the BlueVibe multimedia and interactive services platform for mobile devices. We believe it is the most advanced proximity marketing system available today.

The BlueVibe platform provides interactive services over 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS all through Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. as well as providing "one way" content Push for proximity marketing campaigns.

You can install and network 2 or 200 BlueVibe hotspots at one time, and have them communicate with each other, so there's no confusion in one user getting the same message more than once. Each hotspot will know whether the user has received the campaign message already and won't try to send it again. read more on our Bluetooth Marketing page.

For more on the BlueVibe hotspot, visit the Proximity Marketing services page.

Do you have a trade show coming up, and want ideas for your trade show marketing? Have a look at our trade show marketing page to see how BlueVibe can help get your message seen.

Here we have an example of a flyer being used in a nightclub under our Location Based Advertising page



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BlueVibe Hotspot

So what's in the hotspot box? Take a look at what our BlueVibe hotspot does, and how it can work for you with our video

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BlueZone OnBoard; BlueZone Inside

Now EVERYONE can enjoy broadband internet on buses and cafés

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Innovation Award 2010

BlueZone Media Winners more...

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Subway Blanchardstown

Subway Sandwiches introduces Bluetooth advertising to its Blanchardstown store.


Joe Duffy Motors

Joe Duffy Motors Takes on Bluetooth Proximity Marketing to help promote the new Opel Insignia

Mulrooneys GALA small

Mulrooney's GALA

Mulrooney's GALA of Roscrea implement Bluetooth Advertising with a very special offer

FerryBank bluetooth advert

FerryBank Motors

FerryBank Motors implement Bluetooth Advertising in conjunction with their scrappage deal.

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