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Subway Sandwiches in Blanchardstown have introduced Bluetooth Proximity marketing into their advertising strategy. Passers by are notified via Bluetooth that Subway would like to send them a message. On opting in, customers can avail of the current special "Bluetooth Only" promotion that they are running.

Keeping track of how well the promotions are doing is vitally important, so at the point of sale Subway staff keep track of the sales that are produced from the customer displaying the message on their phone.

Visitors to the store who were interested in purchasing a 6 inch sandwich and mineral, upgrade to a foot long and receive a free mineral. They get a bigger lunch at a better value. Subway gain from the extra sale.


Subway's current offer is experiencing opt-in rates in excess of 10%, with no advertising literature in place in the store.

The manager informs us that there are many people utilising the special offer, even during the No Go times of 12 - 2pm as stated on the digital flyer.