Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing - What is it?

Viral Marketing is, among other definitions, a form of "word of mouth" advertising in that your marketing strategy allows people to spread your marketing message for you.

You may have seen something at your local supermarket that represents exceptional value and you then pass on the details of this offer to your friends thus spreading the marketing message by word of mouth. But Viral Marketing doesn't have to be just about promotional products or special offers, it could be a photograph, a phrase, a joke.

Many marketing companies produce a strategy that incorporates the use of viral marketing. You may have watched a You tube video and then forwarded on details of the video to friends. Often the viral message ASKS you to forward the message on to other people thus doing a lot of the work for the marketing companies themselves.

Viral Marketing Examples

The use of Bluetooth Marketing in a viral marketing campaign or viral advertising campaigns can potentially have a great impact on your brand or company awareness.

If you are promoting a special lunchtime offer that for example, gives a free tea or coffee with every sandwich purchased, and at the end asked the user to forward the message onto their co-workers, family and fiends (via Bluetooth - at no cost) then they are in turn making your message VIRAL.


Viral Marketing By Bluetooth Marketing

Essentially your marketing campaign will want to target a specific audience. In the example above this viral marketing campaign is sending out Bluetooth Marketing messages to detected phones within the proximity of the unit. The message is broadcast by Bluetooth and the user now has the message stored on their mobile phone.

Depending on the type of offer and whether the marketing message is effective enough, it may potentially turn your message viral. This means that the one user who received your message has now the potential to send this message on to other people via Bluetooth which means there's no cost involved to the user.